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The big Sofii Kickstarter FAQ (updated 12 Oct 2023)
We're closer than ever to bringing you Sofii, the adaptable smart switch. Sign-up for Kickstarter updates

We’re closer than ever to bringing you Sofii, the adaptable smart switch and we want to answer your questions. If you have your own questions you can submit them by leaving a comment here:

What is an adaptable smart switch?

We’ve developed a device which provides new ways to physically interact with not only digital devices, but your homes through the use of smart home technology.

Why are you launching on Kickstarter?

We’ve made the decision to launch on Kickstarter as it’s a known and trusted platform that makes sharing our project easier.

We’re keen to drum up as much external support via websites, blogs and content creators, and most would feel more comfortable pointing your browsers to a website they know and trust like Kickstarter.

Whilst we love the little corner of the internet that we’ve made home with the Indii Life website, it’s understandable that people may feel a little uneasy entering their card details into the website of a company they’ve never heard of before.

Post-launch we will continue to offer pre-orders here, directly via the website, but in order to get your hands on the best pre-launch price and exclusive fan goodies, Kickstarter is the place!

How much will Sofii cost?

While we’re not ready to announce the final pricing for Sofii, the pricing will be more inline with what you’d expect to pay for a well-made smart home device, and not the kinds of prices you might expect from specialist AT equipment.

What we can confirm is that jumping on the Kickstarter as soon as it goes live will guarantee the lowest pre-launch price, as well as nabbing you some exclusive Indii and Enabling Independence goodies!

I don’t want to miss out – what should I do?

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It’s as simple as that.

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