This is Sofii

the adaptable smart switch for your home.

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Inclusive design

Sofii is packed with innovations to make the home more accessible.


Connect up to five bespoke external switches via the industry-standard 3.5mm expansion ports.

Clicky buttons

Get high-quality tactile feedback with the latest ultra low-profile switches from industry-leader, Cherry MX.


Forgotten what a button does? Set-up MemoryJog to receive audio-visual prompts via built-in speaker and LEDs.

One switch to rule them all

We understand that you may already use a Bluetooth switch to provide access to your phone, tablet or laptop. Sofii is able to replace your Bluetooth switch as well, meaning you don’t need to lug around multiple switches for different devices and use-cases.

Changing between smart home and bluetooth modes is as simple as tapping the mode button to page through up to 8 pages of switches.

Compatible with thousands of devices, thanks to Matter.

Sofii has been designed with compatibility and integration in mind. Sofii embraces the latest smart home standards to play nicely with all the major smart home ecosystems from Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung.

This interoperability does away with complicated work-arounds and allows you to focus on exactly how you want your home to work with you without the need for a technical degree or the memory of an elephant.

Shaped by community

Sofii is a collaborative creation, thoughtfully designed in partnership with the disability community, incorporating the valuable insights of individuals living with disabilities, healthcare professionals, carers, and allies. Find out how this cooperative approach is shaping our approach to both business and design.


Get started in no-time. Add Sofii with a quick scan from your favourite smart home app.

Reliable & Private

Sofii doesn’t require an internet connection to operate*, leading to improved reliability and privacy.

No subscription required

Pay once for the device and you’ll never need to pay a penny again to operate devices within your home.


Fancy more control over your experience?  Download the app to create a tailored solution.

Share & Discover

Join the community to make friends, share setups and discover how the most of your Sofii switch.

Modern Design

We’ve spent the time to create a product that feels good to use, and considers form as well as function.

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